Active and Transparent Wealth Management

Cost-Effective, Wealth Management Services

Building Long-Term Relationships

The firm provides on-going planning and active risk management. We are about solutions and process, not one-time product sales.

Independent Advice

The firm values its independence from Wall Street. As a fiduciary, the firm is legally bound to avoid conflict and of interest and to put the client’s interests first.

Wealth Diversification

The firm’s active portfolios aim to have lower correlations with the market so as to mitigate the “fear and greed” market cycle.


The firm’s asset management fee structure is easy to understand.

Account Security

Fair Weather Strategies will never take custody of client assets. All accounts are held in the client’s name only at some of the country’s largest financial institutions.

Research-Based Approach

Years of diligent research inform our active management strategies.

Welcome to Fair Weather Strategies, LLC

The purpose of Fair Weather Strategies is to help safeguard the financial futures of our clients. The firm differentiates itself from the bulk of the financial industry on tow key measures:

  • In addition to passive investments, the firm offers access to strategies that are pro-actively monitored to mitigate risk and volatility. Click here for details.
  • Fees charged by the firm are transparent, clearly laid out and easy to access. Click here for details.
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We deliver solutions rather than just products.
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