Fee Structure

Separate Account Fee Structure:

Fair Weather Strategies, LLC will charge Private Wealth Management investors a flat advisory fee based on assets under management (AUMs)*. The annual fee varies based on the size and composition of your account and your history and relationship with us.

Generally, however, our fee structure will be as follows…

Up to first $1,000,000 in AUMs : 1.00%

Next $4,000,000 : 0.80%

Next $5,000,000 : 0.60%

Above $10,000,000 : Negotiable

Fees are billed quarterly in arrears and based on the fair market value of the client’s account as of the last business day of the quarter.

Separate account expenses not accruing to Fair Weather Strategies:

Rather than select expensive mutual funds for the firm’s separate account clients, the firm either invests directly in stocks or selects exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which typically charge 0.55% or lower as the funds’ expense ratio. The firm will never receive marketing, 12b-1 or any other fees from these funds. – The firm’s clients will be charged up to $15 per trade by their chosen custodian firm. Because Fair Weather Strategies receives none of this revenue, the firm has no incentive to trade excessively. Other custodian charges for account maintenance or other miscellaneous services may apply and will vary by the custodian.

Full Fee Disclosure:

For full fee disclosure of all fees that may apply to you – see pdf below.

Fair Weather Strategies Fee Disclosure.pdf