Firm Principles


Fair Weather Strategies, LLC charges clients a flat fee for its separate account asset management services. That fee is determined based on the investor’s or fiduciary’s assets under management. It is the only manner in which we are currently compensated for asset management.

It is the firm’s experience that many investors are not fully aware how much they pay in fees to their financial advisors. Some advisors are compensated based on commissions from selling mutual funds that charge front or back-end sales fees. Others are compensated with a commission every time an investor trades. Other advisors are compensated in this manner and in addition charge an annual retainer or assets under management based fee.

Fair Weather Strategies chose its compensation model because of the belief that it aligns the firm’s incentives closely with that of its clients. The firm is motivated to select from a very broad range of investment vehicles for its clients.

The firm’s portfolios favor securities that are publicly traded, relatively liquid and for which frequent price information is easily and publically accessible to investors.